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We've successfully stored items for over 10,000 Businesses and Individuals since 2006 and we proudly maintain being the highest rated and most reviewed Storage Service on Google, In the UAE.

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Use our Instant Quote generator to receive your quote, book your required space, and pay online for the duration you need


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A team of removal professionals will disassemble, pack, label, and transport your items to our facility.


Step 3

Our warehouse team will carefully load your items into your heat & pest proof space, monitored by CCTV, and equipped with alarm and fire prevention systems.


Step 4

There is no step 4. Relax, your items are safe and Insured by us.


  • pickup and drop Drive by pickup and drop off

    Save yourself from the hassle of endlessly walking in maze style storage buildings and warehouses and allow us to meet you while you’re in your vehicle, to receive or deliver your valuables.

  • Assisted self storage Assisted self storage

    Self Storage requires a lot of effort from the self, we’ve redefined it to include a personal assistant-level of involvement when it comes to assisting you with all inventory operations

  • Account Managers 7 days/week of customer service

    We’d like your journey with us to be consistent, accurate, and hassle free, and that’s why you'll have customer service agents ready to assist you with your requirements, 7 days a week.

  • Slef storage App Self storage App Coming Soon

    Interacting with people to fullfil your requirements has become a thing of the past. We’re working on an App that will cover over 85% of your requirements with just a few clicks.


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800 Storage

No notice - No penalty

Free up to 10,000 AED Coverage

No security deposits

24/7 access

No penalties and late collection fees

Free of charge

Free service by 4 uniformed and experienced men

Average response time of 2 minutes or less

Other Companies

Minimum 2 weeks notice + penalty

Pay for Insurance

With security deposits that are hard to retrieve

Request appointment within business hours

Penalties for unpaid and late payments


Pre schedule and pay for assistance

None immediate responses

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Google Reviews

    • Avatar Azamat Janaliyev ★★★★★ 7 months ago
      I want to express my gratitude to the company for its professionalism and excellent service. In connection with the move, I had to save the furniture. On the recommendation of my sister, I filled out an online call, signed a contract, and made a payment. The company has a service for the transportation of things, everything is neatly packed and folded. Managers are willing to help and always say. I wish them continued prosperity and good business. I recommend everyone to use the services of this company. Good luck guys!!!

    • Avatar basel tachwali ★★★★★ 4 months ago
      800Storage is one of the most professional companies I have dealt with. The staff were super friendly and supportive. They ensure follow up and completion in a timely manner. Furthermore, all the required paper work and documents are done digitally which is super convenient. Facility is clean, monitored, and air conditioned. Finally, their price point is super fair for the quality of service and storage they provide.
      I highly recommend using their services. Keep it up guys!

    • Avatar Axon Dutiro ★★★★★ 3 months ago
      I had got excellent service. The guys are professionals and they keep their promise. My goods were picked up in time. When I got my goods back they were in their original state, intact and nicely wrapped. Communication and giving updates is crucial in any business and these guys did exactly that. I unreservedly recommend and repeat business with is guaranteed.
      A happy client!!

    • Avatar Mamadou Kwidjim Toure ★★★★★ 5 months ago
      I had an excellent experience working with 800 storage. The team has been extremely professional and diligent in addressing all my queries in a very customer focused and friendly manner. In addition the team has showed real dedication in adapting to my constraints and show ultimate flexibility. This is priceless and I am definitely grateful to enjoy their services and will make sure to recommend to anyone needing moving and storage services. Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

    • Avatar Princess Camarillo ★★★★★ 6 months ago
      I so love my experience with 800 Storage! Quick turnaround, full support and assistance, discounts and consideration. This is a must-recommend storage + mover. I remember when I need to get my stuffs on their warehouse, they were so accommodating and kind. There’s no other storage services like them. I give them a 10!
      I’ll ABSOLUTELY avail their services again!!!

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