1- Storage Facility Usage Guidelines and Prohibited Items

1.1 The Renter acknowledges and agrees to utilise the Storage Facility exclusively for the storage of non-exhaustive items, expressly excluding food products, animals, flammable materials (including fuel and welding materials), caustic or solvent materials, compressed gases, explosives, environmentally harmful products, waste, dangerous goods (including weapons), illegal substances, contraband, or any other goods deemed hazardous, toxic, or potentially posing risks to individuals or property.

1.2 By entering into this agreement, the Renter grants irrevocable authorization to the Company to promptly remove any item found in violation of the aforementioned stipulation without prior notice, and such action shall be undertaken solely at the Renter’s own risk.

2- Storage Facility Access

2.1 Subject to the condition that the Renter’s account with the Company is settled in its entirety and there is no
outstanding default, the Renter is granted the privilege to access their allocated Storage Facility during business hours,
specifically between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, if the Renter requires access to the
facility beyond the specified working hours or on public holidays, they are kindly requested to provide prior notice within
a minimum of 24 hours to facilitate the arrangement.

2.2 The Renter is responsible for notifying the Company of any individuals authorized by the Renter to access their items.
Should the Renter wish to revoke this authorization at any point, it is the Renter’s responsibility to inform the Company in
writing immediately. Until such notification is received, the Company will continue to allow access to previously
authorized individuals, and the Renter assumes all responsibility for such access.

3- Company Liability

3.1 The Company’s liability for any loss or damage is subject to the following terms:

3.1.1 The maximum liability for loss or damage shall not exceed AED 5,000 per unit or AED 10,000 per Renter, whichever
is lower.

3.1.2 The Company shall only be liable if it is proven that the loss or damage resulted from the Company’s negligence, and
the Renter notifies the Company in writing promptly, as soon as the loss or damage is discovered or should have been
discovered with reasonable diligence, and in any case, within twenty-four (24) hours from the delivery of the items by
the Company.

3.1.3 The Company shall only be liable for any loss or damage if it has performed all the following services: packing,
picking up, storing, unpacking, and delivering the items. If any of these services were not executed by the Company, it
shall not hold any liability for any loss or damage related to those items.

3.1.4 The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by electrical or mechanical faults in any
appliance or mechanical instrument.

3.1.5 The Company shall not bear responsibility for damages arising from the transportation of items that do not meet
the necessary standards of suitability or strength to be moved from one location to another. The responsibility lies with
the Renter to ensure that all items are fit for transport, and the Company shall be held harmless against any resultant

4- Cancellation and Refund Policy

4.1 The Company does not provide refunds for any unoccupied days during the term of the storage space rental
agreement or the prepaid duration for any reason.

4.2 Payments for cancelled or postponed scheduled pickups, drop offs, and storage fees, will not be refunded if the
cancellation notice is given within 48 hours of the scheduled service.

4.3 The Company will not issue refunds for cancelled or postponed scheduled jobs resulting from complications at the
job site, including issues with building/venue management, permit requirements, or any other reasons that were not
initially in the company’s control.

4.4 Refunds will be processed using the original mode of payment. If the original mode of payment is no longer in use or
has expired, it is the Renter’s responsibility to inform the Company of an alternate mode of payment for the refund.

5- Payments and Invoices

5.1 The Renter authorises the Company to automatically charge the credit card or debit the debit card account specified
by the Renter during the initial payment setup process on each recurring payment cycle and with the amount designated
in the payment setup process. The Renter agrees that the payment card specified for automatic recurring monthly
payments to the Company is, and will continue to be, an account that the Renter owns, and that the Renter will maintain
sufficient funds availability under their credit card or debit card, as applicable, to pay the designated amount.

5.2 In the event of renewal, the Renter shall pay in full the total charge of the storage space before the first billing date of
the upcoming renewal invoice. The renewal rate and duration will be automatically carried over to the following period
unless the Renter states otherwise prior to the expiry of the paid duration.

5.3 Following the end of the term of the storage space rental agreement or the expiry of the paid duration, all the
obligations of the Renter to the Company, including Rent, shall continue until all the items have been removed from the
Storage Facility. If the Renter’s items are under the supervision of the Company, the renewed invoice is automatically
deemed due, unchangeable, and is to be paid in full pursuant to article 5.2

5.4 The Renter is responsible for removing all items from the Storage Facility when the storage space rental
agreement or the expiry of the paid duration comes to an end unless the Renter acquired the company’s relocation
services or authorised the Company to dispose of the items.

5.5 In the event of non-payment of due invoices, a fee of Five Dirhams per Cubic Metres per day will be applied on
the Renter’s account until the due invoices are paid in full.

6- Pricing Considerations

6.1 The Company’s periodic storage fees shall be calculated based on the total cubic metres occupied by the Renter’s
items within all spaces under the Company’s management. Any additional volume resulting from the Renter’s request
or due to unclear volume estimations shall be subject to advance payment upon the Company’s declaration.

7- Subcontracting

7.1 The Company reserves the right to subcontract some or all of the work. In such cases, all terms and conditions
shall remain applicable and enforceable.

8- Disposal

8.1 In the event of any overdue invoice remaining unpaid for more than 7 days, irrespective of the reason, the Renter
hereby acknowledges that ownership of their items shall transfer to the Company. The Company shall have full
authority to dispose of the items entirely and clear them from the facility.

9- Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

9.1 The terms and conditions set forth herein shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Dubai and the United Arab
Emirates. No other terms and conditions, aside from those explicitly stated on this page, shall have any applicability
or effect.